Captivating Modern Abstract Art

Captivating Modern Abstract Art

from 500.00

Hand-painted acrylic painting. Canvas is wonderfully made and lots of love and care added to each painting. High vibrational art designed to encourage you to move forward and upward. 

There are different sizes to choose from. Please let me know what colors you'd like for me to work with during the check out process. You can also share if you'd like me to add any shapes, textures, or any other ideas you may have in mind.

- Would you like texture (lifted off the canvas)?
- Would you like black sand, tan sand, chipped glass, or fur in your painting?
- You can also mention that you don't have any specifics and would like me to  work freehand with intuitive ideas.

All paintings come with a typed description and chosen name with your purchase. Close up photo also added for your liking.

The painting comes plastic wrapped with high-quality wrappings to protect your hand painted art piece. Shipped in a protected box for care. A tracking number is given through e-mail and signature needed to receive the art piece for your protection. 

If you have any questions, please send me a message or email me here elsieblass(at)gmail(dot)com

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